The following is a program created by Dr. Les Johnson based on the work of Dr. Glasser’s “Take Charge of Your Life” and implemented by both he and Shearon Bogdanovic.   They have been actively involved not only putting it into  practice but promoting it throughout the State and in presentations at various events and hearings.


Internal Empowerment Coaching (IEC) 

                                          (Choice Theory® Connections Program)

By Les Johnson and Shearon Bogdanovic

Our program, Internal Empowerment Coaching (IEC) aka Choice Theory® Connections is a proven effective pre-release program, at the California Institution for Women. IEC focuses on the relevant, self-generated reformation of individuals through the delivery of training in Choice Theory® principles and practices. Our data show the recidivism rate for women who have participated in any portion of Choice Theory® classes (as measured by recording all female parolees returning to incarceration in the five years from November 2007 through November 2012) is 2.9%. We compare this with the average California recidivism rate during the same period of approximately 67%.

Choice Theory® is currently being implemented in key areas in California:  California Institution for Women, Orange County teenagers, Sacramento Veterans, state-wide ministries, and the Los Angeles Unified School District.  The program has gained approval of Loyola Marymount University; and program students may earn up to forty-two (42) university extension credits, which apply to a certification in “Internal Empowerment Coaching.”

In recent years, Choice Theory Connections- IEC has been presented to the Southern California Recovery Summit Conference (twice); and the William Glasser International Conference (once). Its directors were awarded the Community Service Award by the Association of Black Psychologists in Washington D. C. in 2011. The program has attracted guests and dignitaries from Japan, Iran, Washington, D.C, Arizona; and presented in Canada and other locations across the U.S. to witness the program’s effectiveness.

To date, the Choice Theory® Connections Program has been an all-volunteer effort led by instructors certified in Choice Theory®.  Though it could be of benefit to the citizens of California, it has not yet been expanded because current program resources are limited. Considering its effectiveness, expanding the program to other prisons, county jails, and juvenile halls, could enhance the public safety while saving State funds currently spent on incarceration.

Contact Information:

 Les Johnson, RTCT Certified/Basic Instructor/Director

310.494.1050 or

Shearon Bogdanovic, RTCT Certified, Basic Instructor –  310.775.5771 or



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